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Canned Tuna and Codfish. Frozen fish. Salted and dried Codfish.


Largispot is part of a family owned group of companies whose existence has beginnings in 1928. Strategically located in Aveiro, which is one of Portugal's most distinguished fishing ports, the company has evolved into one of the largest national companies in the fishing sector only to be set apart by its rich heritage.

Largispot has a fleet of vessels operating in the North Atlantic and possesses a variety of associated companies within the area of the food industry, specializing in frozen, canned and salted goods.

The group includes various divisions:

- Fleet of long range fishing vessels
- Salting and drying codfish facilities
- Multi-purpose complex for product transformation and packaging
- Cold storage facilities
- Machine and carpentry workshops.

Aveiro Canned Tuna and Codfish

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We are a family company located in the Avenida Marginal of Gafanha da Nazaré.
"Creating new modern traditions."

We deeply value each customer, big or small, and place a great emphasis on customer service. The size of our firm provides us with the unique flexibility to mold our products to our individual customer's needs, regardless of the orders size or final destination. Our products are our statement of dedication to create a balance between modernization and traditional craftsmanship. When it comes to quality no detail is to small.

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